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The first post on this blog was of a sketch I did in 2007 when I went on my *first* backpacking trip to Amsterdam in my first year in college. We stayed at a hostel and everything. I know, so exciting. That is where it all begun.

On New Year’s day 2017, I cried in the desert wanting to change everything I despised in my life. Six months later, I finally quit my job in Hong Kong and decided to go on a soul-searching journey. I bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles where I had lived for over five years.

Unfortunately, that one-way ticket thing doesn’t work if you’re entering the US. At the HK airport, as I was trying to check in, the airline staff asked me if I had an outbound flight booked. Clearly not. She said, “you have one hour until the check-in counter closes, please go buy an outbound ticket.” I was immediately stressed out. Since I had plans to go into Chile later in the trip, I bought another one-way ticket, now to Lima, Peru 1.5mo from that day, and I was off. 

My dad had gifted me a complimentary airport lounge entry but I didn’t even have time to use that before my flight. In my usual fashion, everything was last minute but it all worked out. 


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ik ben moe.

Quick sketch of my friend, Satsuki, sleeping at our hostel in Amsterdam, Holland (Apr 2007).

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