double-decker of the future

I saw this news a few days ago but I never got around to posting about it. I thought the newer double decker buses in Hong Kong with less-steep and narrow staircase was futuristic and user-friendly, but the new London double-decker design definitely tops them by a million times.
I was surprised there are designers specifically for buses. Well, doh, since there are designers for cars and motorbikes, why can’t there be designers for buses? Capoco Design is the automotive engineering design company responsible for the new look. ¬†

I mean, I love the old-skool double decker buses… but how cool does the new design look? The new design is almost 3 meters longer with two staircases which enables easier access for the passengers… if the passengers follow directions/rules.
My only concern is that because there are three points of entry, it might just end up being a free-bus like people think on those bendy #25 buses… meaning more people have to be employed by the TfL (Transport for London) to ensure that passengers are all paying bus fares.

via BBC


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