silly bandz

Kids (and adults alike) are going crazy over these colorful rubber bands molded into animal/sports/religion/etc shapes, SILLY BANDZ. Shops are selling over 1,000 packs per hr and there’s so much demand that kids are trading/dealing in schools. It’s getting to the point where it’s so distracting that schools are asking students to leave them at home.

Honestly, I don’t get it. I had no knowledge of these products until last week.
It’s like an extension to those LiveStrong rubber bands, that within a few months, China was coming up with all sorts of rubber bands in every color, just because they sell. These shaped rubber bands look like cheap non-uniformly shaped rubber bands when they are worn, so what’s the big hype about it? I have no clue. Please, someone enlighten me what’s so amazing about these rubber bands.

via USAToday

edit: I forgot to post what they look like as is. They sell a pack of six for around $5… just imagine how much profit they’re making – they obviously do not cost a lot to manufacture in China, and even including shipping, licensing fee, etc., they’d still be making a ton of money.

image via averysplace



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4 responses to “silly bandz

  1. i dont see how theyre animal / sports or whatever shaped? is that when theyre off? ur right tho they look like wonky rubber bands. it might just be me having an OCD moment or smth but i have this urge to wanna straighten them out or smth.

    • Hey Stez,
      Yes! sorry I forgot to post an image of it OFF a child’s arms. Me too, I would probably go crazy if I ever saw it on someone. Thank goodness those Silly Bandz haven’t spread widely in So-Cal, I have yet to see anyone with them.

  2. Thank you for your post.
    I have never know before about this silly bandz story.
    Thank again.It is very interested.

  3. kaylee

    hey i have over 3hundred silly bandz

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