slide down from your room

Koh Samui, Thailand: this apartment is available for rent for those visiting the island on vacation.
It’s been a while since I last visited Koh Samui but I’d like to stay here if I can afford it… or get 30 people chip in and create the ultimate party house!

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4 responses to “slide down from your room

  1. pixeltown

    That is fucking insane! It’s like one of my fantasies! I’m totally down for staying there one day.

    Incidentally, do you want to go to PAX with me next year? It’s an enormous game/music/fanboy convention run by the guys from Penny Arcade that is massively popular and awesome. I’m going to ask Craig and Dhij as well.

    • Next year? How about this year? I’ll be around til end of September for sure, so you guys can come over to LA after Seattle 😀
      Why can’t you come to Comic Con with me?

  2. Ben

    Well I mean, obviously this year we have to be doing our dissertations until September, after which I’m under kind of a deadline to find jobz. When is comic con, anyway?

    (PS – I’m growing stubble/a beard! I look manly!)

    • Manly Ben-ing! Can you get a Mario mustache so I can call you Mario? or a Dali mustache?

      Comic Con is July 22-25. Maybe next year you, Craig, Dhi and I will be employed and can afford to go…

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