is Paul McCartney a fake?

I found an interesting website entitled, Paul McCartney Really Is Dead, for the film DVD which will be in stores in September 2010. According to the website, George Harrison was recorded testifying regarding the cover-up of Paul McCartney’s death, and according to him, the REAL Paul McCartney died in a car accident in 1966. The MI6 covered it up because they were afraid offans committing mass suicide, so they replaced him with a double and made The Beatles play along with it. George Harrison believed John Lennon was assassinated after he insisted that the “Paul McCartney” was a fake.

Now, I’m all about conspiracy theories. But I have to ask, how does a hugely famous person like Paul McCartney get replaced by someone… and that person not only looks like him, but sings like him. It’s quite impossible to imitate a man’s singing-voice that well, or is it..? I will have to watch the actual film and see.

Watch the  trailer: Paul McCartney Really is Dead



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8 responses to “is Paul McCartney a fake?

  1. chronsweet

    I would have thought NO WAY too until I started looking at photographs prior to 1966 and then after 1967. It is SO easy to pick out the person who was before 1966 and the person after 1967. It is so clear, it is unmistakable. Kind of eerie, don’t you think? Would I look considerably different from say the age of 20 to 21. No, I don’t think so. I couldn’t look at old photographs of myself and know what age I was in them even now. Also, he grows like 2 or 3 inches in a mere couple of months. How can a man keep on growing that wasn’t previously growing? Most boys/men stop growing at the age of 18 to 20 unless there is something medically wrong with them. Also, the shape of his mouth is different. The earlobes are different. His voice is different. Prior to 1966, Paul’s voice was lower and after 1967, it was higher and more flat. If you have a musical ear, you can pick it out easily. Ever hear of Tavistock? Social Engineering? LOL! It’s clear to see when you take off the ‘blinders’. As so many other things are as well.

  2. ag

    I always wondered about Paul’s death hoax,but like the comment above, I’m convinced that Paul really died. The real Paul and Faul(fake Paul) are two different people. The comparison photos don’t lie. Granted,they picked picked someone that looked similiar and with plastic surgery,made a convincing double. Hower,the real Paul had a round,baby face and was CUTE. The fake Paul, is not cute.His face is long, the lips are different,the chin is different,the eye colors are different and he’s taller. And yes,the voice changed after 1966. Trust me, it’s not the same person.

  3. starwhite

    I’ve been listening to the Beatles since I was a child. I began studying this maybe a month ago. My conclusion is that James Paul McCartney dies some 40 years ago. Take the time to look at some of the irrefutable facts. There are pictures showing Pre 1966 Paul wearing a size 8 shoe, states it on shoe. 2009 Paul donates a pair of his shoes, size 9.5 to charity. How does his foot change? How did he grow 2-3 inches in height? How did his eyes change color from brown to green? The pre 1966 Paul’s face IS different..rounder, ears different more babyish. The Paul in Sergent Pepper has a long, thin face, mouth different, head shaped very ovalish. Yes my friends we the sheeple have been lied to for a very very long time. FAUL will never give up the crown. Look at how radically the Beatles music changes after Nov 1966, slower, sadder, MORE than one song has deliberate backwards masking speaking of Paul’s death. More than mere coincident I am sure. Where do we go from here?

  4. Vahan

    chronsweet and ag are idiots. They probably read that stupid Wired article that featured doctored images from that idiot SunKing.


    You’re both NUTS!

  6. Fromosan Termite

    Paul is alive and well. Don’t be gullible enough to fall for the PID Hoax.

  7. Marianne

    There is no denying it. “Paul” is a FAKE!!!!! and he had John and George killed for wanting to say something, people’s eyes don’t change color, not when they’re adults at least, he looks nothing like the real Paul, Paul’s jaw was wider and his ears stuck out, oh and not to mention his nose, Faul’s nose is HIDEOUS! he looks like a freaking Waldrapp Ibis or a freaking parrot. EW! the man is UGLY! Paul was very good looking. Stop being so narrow minded, if you really look you can see ALLLLL of the clues the REAL Beatles left, for example the ”
    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album cover… its SOOOOOO OBVIOUS!!! the freaking arrangement of flowers SAYS PAUL!!! the 3 strings (which stand for the 3 remaining Beatles), the cracked headed doll, the cardboard cut out of Paul, the car on the creepy doll’s leg!? “hear lies Paul” !? like are you kidding me!? its THERE!!! just LOOK!

  8. Liam

    Yes. Paul McCartney was obviously killed in a car wreck in 1966, and Michael Jackson faked his death and moved to Alaska because its always warm, Jupiter was colonized by cats 3000 BC, the President actually lives on the moon, Jim Morrison was actually the lead singer of the Sex Pistols, and no 16 year old boy plays Call of Duty. You’re crazy. That movie is a mockumentary. Paul is not dead. No one, not even M16, could have covered that up IF it happened.

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