hello kitty x dr martens

Sanrio has teamed up with Dr Martens to create the super-cute (and limited quantity) boots and mary-janes celebrating the 50th anniversary of both Sanrio & Dr Martens. The shoes retail from US$120 to US$165 and can be purchased here. I fear emo/scene-kids with lots of extra cash would be on this right now. I hear some of these styles are at Nordstrom too!

Somehow these shoes remind me of Jonathan Ross from the BBC show, Japanorama:

how old is this show!?!



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2 responses to “hello kitty x dr martens

  1. Ben

    Not that old. I really enjoyed that show, although it made me think Japanese people are a lot weirder than they probably are (especially the ep about Otaku).

    • I totally agree. I didn’t realise how bonkers some stuff he introduced were, until I showed it to my old roommate & she took everything completely seriously.

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