real-life tron lightcycle?

This looks pretty amazing.

The Tron “Lightcycle” was brought to life by Parker Brothers Choppers, a bike shop in Florida. The bike is currently on sale for US$55,000. I won’t go into all the specs because I hardly have any knowledge when it comes to motor vehicles (and I tried getting a manual motorcycle license!)…

But from the looks of it, the bike can’t go too fast… or is it because they’re just doing a casual show-and-tell?
I am just stating the obvious ….but I highly, highly doubt it can do the sharp turns as it’s done in the film. I can’t imagine this Lightcycle being at all comfortable to ride… but who knows?

via Likecool

Can’t wait til Tron: Legacy is out! Sad none of my friends have seen the first, and the original Tron…


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One response to “real-life tron lightcycle?

  1. pixeltown.

    Yeah, I think because of the wheel design it probably can’t go very fast at all. Still rad though.

    So Moes, wtf am I? Not your friend? I’ve seen the original.

    Did you ever watch the latest Star Trek movie, by the way? And don’t say ‘I’m not a fan of ST’ because it’s not a fangasm, it’s just a good, fun action film!

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