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03/06/2012 · 12:47

tron: legacy trailer

I just found the new trailer for Tron: Legacy. I’m super excited, but I don’t think I’d watch in 3D…

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time lapse: tokyo

Video by Samuel Cockedey; Music by Paul Frankland (aka Woob).

via SamuelCokedey

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lanvin x h&m

“H&M was going luxury, rather than Lanvin is going public.”

Exactement! excité!

Both menswear and womenswear will go on sale on the 23rd of November in 200 H&M stores worldwide. I sense people are going to be even more apeshit than when I was at the launch of Comme des Garçons x H&M line. I hope they’d come up with a new fragrance in collaboration with H&M because my Lanvin eau de toilette has run out 😦

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sainsbury’s eco-friendly milk bags

The UK supermarket giant, Sainsbury’s have come up with eco-friendly milk bags as an alternative to plastic milk bottles. By changing the packaging, it can also save consumers a few extra pence each time. I reckon this should be done here in the United States, ASAP, considering people purchase a lot of milk (thanks to the wondrous selection of cereals!). And if you’re in California, you get charged extra for bottled/canned goods – therefore, it would be a great idea to save money and be environmentally friendly.

*hint hint* US supermarkets! get on this now!

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sneak peek: star tours

“The fun continues on the forest moon of Endor. You’ll sleep under the stars with the lovable Ewoks…”


How come I didn’t know they had one in Tokyo Disneyland?

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Comic Con 2010 pt.1


Unfortunately, I was not able to purchase all four days + preview night tickets for Comic Con, but I managed to purchase Friday and Sunday tickets through the official website about a month prior to the actual Comic-Con weekend. The program of the days were not released until last minute and I had no clue as to what to expect until I actually got to San Diego Thursday night.

While I was on the Amtrak, I did some research on my phone to find that Friday was Star Wars Day!

I attended three Star Wars panels: Star Wars Collectibles Update, Old Republic and Clone Wars panels. To be very honest, I am not familiar with any of those. The only Star Wars licensed merchandise I have is the Ewok PEZ dispenser, I haven’t played the Old Republic games, nor have I watched the Clone Wars series properly (I took the shortcut and watched the film instead). I know, I shouldn’t have even been there. But I feel like if I hadn’t been there, I would have wasted the whole Comic Con experience of being exposed to all kinds of nerdiness. and I mean that with no judgement at all. There was a stereotypical nerdy guy who impersonated a character from Clone Wars – I had no idea who it was but everyone was cheering him on. Lots of kids who looked like they could have been half my age (!) were battling against people double or even triple my age in trivial quizzes in hopes of winning limited edition Stormtrooper figures and helmets. It was just an amazing atmosphere.

I am so glad I wasn’t the only female attendee in the panels. I got to see the development/concept sketches of new products they are coming up with, as well as existing products including the Lightsaber Chopsticks (that I later purchased)! The new Old Republic game is still in development and I am going to look into playing the game as soon as I’m done with this semester. As you can see in the images above, there were some fantastic images of Kamino, which seems like it will be heavily featured in the new season of Clone Wars. The Season 3 preview (now available here) made me want to start watching the show from the beginning.

While I was at the panel, a man from Guinness Book of World Records came up to the front to surprise and award the creators of the show for the Highest Rated Animated Sci-Fi Television Series.

Lesson of the day: go to Comic Con alone if you want to sit in a popular panel. It also allows you to eavesdrop on other people’s nerdy conversations which tends to be pretty interesting.

These two charming men were outside waiting to get into the conference room… ballin’ Boba Fett and Darth Vader… haha

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