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lord vader, the ice cream man

All terrain-ice cream transport by Louis K.

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I wish I had pets to dress up.

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sainsbury’s eco-friendly milk bags

The UK supermarket giant, Sainsbury’s have come up with eco-friendly milk bags as an alternative to plastic milk bottles. By changing the packaging, it can also save consumers a few extra pence each time. I reckon this should be done here in the United States, ASAP, considering people purchase a lot of milk (thanks to the wondrous selection of cereals!). And if you’re in California, you get charged extra for bottled/canned goods – therefore, it would be a great idea to save money and be environmentally friendly.

*hint hint* US supermarkets! get on this now!

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fruit flavored snacks

I went to Ralph’s Supermarket last night and found this “fruit flavored snacks“… I don’t know, I just got excited! It’s RALPH’S BRAND! You’d think a major generic food brand would have manufactured it but it’s a supermarket brand.

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chunk of meat in a museum

I’ve visited the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan twice, and both of the times I’ve been extremely impressed with this chunk of pork in a glass case. It’s actually a piece of jasper made to look like a piece of meat cooked in soy sauce… it’s so incredibly yummy-looking that I’m hungry just looking at the image. Forget the carved jade made to look like Chinese cabbage with a little cricket sitting on top, this piece of stone-meat will make your trip to the museum worth it.

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guinness chocolate pudding

Guinness Chocolate Pudding… mmmm looks fantastically amazing.
Recipe @ the source

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colorful parfait

Absolutely beautiful.

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