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warrior princess

…on a pug! I wanna be her!

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true *iron man*

…I don’t really see the point of him going over and over the same side of the jeans for a good minute.

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hiring boba fett

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I have a situation at the moment, I would desperately like to hire Boba Fett… I wiki-ed “Bounty Hunter” and according to the page, they are only legal in two countries: the United States and the Republic of the Philippines. I now wish I could have been in the Philippines.

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r2-d2 observatory

R2-D2 Goodsell Observatory of Carleton College in Minnesota.. possibly the largest scale and most ridiculous college pranks, without defacing the actual building.

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ulica obi-ana kenobiego

Grabowiec, Poland:  there’s a street named after Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi. I wonder what great things he’s done in Poland?

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“bathtub cannot unsee what has been seen”

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crop art

THE “INAKA” – that’s what I like to call Japanese countrysides.
Somewhere in Japan, farmers have a lot of time in their hands or want tourists to visit the middle-of-nowheres. Impressive work though!

more images available @ the source
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