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real-life tron lightcycle?

This looks pretty amazing.

The Tron “Lightcycle” was brought to life by Parker Brothers Choppers, a bike shop in Florida. The bike is currently on sale for US$55,000. I won’t go into all the specs because I hardly have any knowledge when it comes to motor vehicles (and I tried getting a manual motorcycle license!)…

But from the looks of it, the bike can’t go too fast… or is it because they’re just doing a casual show-and-tell?
I am just stating the obvious ….but I highly, highly doubt it can do the sharp turns as it’s done in the film. I can’t imagine this Lightcycle being at all comfortable to ride… but who knows?

via Likecool

Can’t wait til Tron: Legacy is out! Sad none of my friends have seen the first, and the original Tron…


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adidas x star wars 2010


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chewie the pitcher

Los Angeles, CA: Chewbacca throws the ceremonial first pitch at the Dodger Stadium in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the film, The Empire Strikes Back.

via Telegraph

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skater jumps from 40m

Paris, FRANCE: French inline skater Taig Khris skate-jumps from a platform located 40 meters above ground and makes a 12.5m fall, beating the previous world record of 8.53 meters set by American Danny Way.

Watch the footage:

via El Diario 24 & ABC

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skateboarding owl

Alby the skateboarding owl.

and they call him Tony Owl…. ha. ha. ha….

via Telegraph

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