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keep it in the family

“Keep it in the Family” by the Welsh band, Hybrid – it is an incredible mixture of strings and electronica. The track came up randomly on Pandora and I have been listening to it on repeat since. A section of it has been used for Frank Miller’s The Spirit‘s trailer, but I reckon this track deserves a film on its own. I don’t know about you, but I have been itching to watch an epic sci-fi film (preferably based in space) ever since I heard this track for the first time. A friend has kindly lent me Danny Boyle’s Sunshine DVD – guess I’ll be watching that this weekend!


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young branson

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03/06/2012 · 12:47

halloween zombie makeup

Last Sunday was the season premier of AMC series, “The Walking Dead”. That was the first episode I had watched but we were instantly hooked and inspired… for Halloween.
My friends and I were invited to a Pre-Halloween party appropriately entitled, “Night of the Living Dead”. So I did some research online for makeup tutorials to go all out, but without breaking the bank and having to make a trip down to a Halloween/costume store. I found the perfect video on YouTube: “The Walking Dead Zombie make-up tips for Halloween” by The Walking Dead’s very own special effects makeup artists.


After studying this video carefully, I went to Ralph’s supermarket to purchase unflavored gelatine (US$1.49), white cream makeup (US$0.74), and then to Walgreens pharmacy for basic halloween face paint kit (US$6.99) which came with 6-color palette, fake blood, blood spray, black & red grease crayons, etc. So in total, I spent less than $10 for more than enough makeup for four zombies. I think have enough left for another round! Try for yourself 🙂

**I could not find liquid latex, even at the beauty supply store in my neighborhood. If you really must, go to a costume store.

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human pacman

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sneak peek: star tours

“The fun continues on the forest moon of Endor. You’ll sleep under the stars with the lovable Ewoks…”


How come I didn’t know they had one in Tokyo Disneyland?

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on a diplomatic mission to Alderon

Improv Everywhere has done it again.

via Improv Everywhere

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New Spice

I loved the Old Spice commercials but this parody rocks. He does such a great job imitating Isaiah Mustafa’s voice.

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