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time lapse: tokyo

Video by Samuel Cockedey; Music by Paul Frankland (aka Woob).

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Shinsaibashi suji shotengai, Osaka, Japan

I wish I brought my film cameras with me here!

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crop art

THE “INAKA” – that’s what I like to call Japanese countrysides.
Somewhere in Japan, farmers have a lot of time in their hands or want tourists to visit the middle-of-nowheres. Impressive work though!

more images available @ the source
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let honda assist you

The Japanese Auto-maker Honda is also known for their robot Asimo, but did you know they were developing a device that assist you when walking? The walking assist device, Bodyweight Support Assist, is designed for those with weak leg muscles but don’t need the use of wheelchair. People have already applied for them but the device is still in the teting stage before they can release them for commercial use.

via Geeky Gadgets

Maybe soon we won’t need our bodies to get to places… like Nixon in Futurama:

image via Jedi Council Forums

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