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Cambridge, UK: 13 year-old Hibiki Kono created a gadget out of two Tesco Value vacuum cleaners for his D&T (design & technology) class project to climb up walls like Stan Lee’s Spiderman. Because the vacuum cleaners have to be plugged in whilst climbing, his mother has given him a height limit just in case they get unplugged…

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pocket watch-usb

If I had a cape, this pocket-watch-USB-thumb-drive would be the coolest accessory to go with my Jack the Ripper outfit.

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let honda assist you

The Japanese Auto-maker Honda is also known for their robot Asimo, but did you know they were developing a device that assist you when walking? The walking assist device, Bodyweight Support Assist, is designed for those with weak leg muscles but don’t need the use of wheelchair. People have already applied for them but the device is still in the teting stage before they can release them for commercial use.

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Maybe soon we won’t need our bodies to get to places… like Nixon in Futurama:

image via Jedi Council Forums

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pacmanized google

Google did a pretty damn good job today – my friend Ben posted a Facebook status update about it and we all went over to Google and wasted a good few minutes.. or an hour. It was good fun until I realized I’d been playing with the sound on max in the college computer room. NICE.

Rather than the usual “I’m feeling lucky”, they’d placed a “Insert Coin” button, which was a great touch.

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transformer… dress

Old news, but I’ve recently revisited the good ol Hussein Chalayan S/S ’07 collection while discussing about innovative garments with my roommate. We’ve heard of spider-silk-goats and wearable electronics, but dresses that transform into something completely different within seconds with the use of technology is probably still pretty unheard of.

ps. kind of NSFW:

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