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mogi grumbles

Mogi Grumbles – End Of Line [Original Tron Re-Score]

The title, “End of Line” suggests Tron: Legacy, but Mogi Grumbles has re-scored the original Tron (1982) scores. It’s not Daft Punk, but there’s something nostalgic about the 80s electronic sounds. Take a look.


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11/25/2012 · 16:11

tron 30th anniversary


Just a quick update. I will post some pictures up soon… I promise.

Despite the fact that pre-Halloween weekend celebrations were taking place all over in Hollywood, I decided to be a nerd and go to the Tron 30th Anniversary event at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The wait outside was annoying but all and all, the event was a success. There were people in costumes, there was the Grid Carpet (as opposed to the red carpet), a panel with the film makers as well as Bruce Boxleitner (Tron/Alan Bradley), a mini exhibition of original Tron goodies and an after party upstairs with arcade games and DJs.

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real-life tron lightcycle?

This looks pretty amazing.

The Tron “Lightcycle” was brought to life by Parker Brothers Choppers, a bike shop in Florida. The bike is currently on sale for US$55,000. I won’t go into all the specs because I hardly have any knowledge when it comes to motor vehicles (and I tried getting a manual motorcycle license!)…

But from the looks of it, the bike can’t go too fast… or is it because they’re just doing a casual show-and-tell?
I am just stating the obvious ….but I highly, highly doubt it can do the sharp turns as it’s done in the film. I can’t imagine this Lightcycle being at all comfortable to ride… but who knows?

via Likecool

Can’t wait til Tron: Legacy is out! Sad none of my friends have seen the first, and the original Tron…

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tron: legacy trailer

I just found the new trailer for Tron: Legacy. I’m super excited, but I don’t think I’d watch in 3D…

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hells yeah!

Threadless does Tron.

via technabob

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tron: legacy concept art

More amazing Tron: Legacy concept art @ jivid

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tron: legacy

I thought I had watched the 1982 film, Tron, but clearly I hadn’t. Perhaps I watched the trailer of the soon-to-be-released 2010 sequel, Tron: Legacy, way too many times to have imagined it all.

I finally watched it last night, and it’s pretty incredible what they had come up with 28 years ago. The filming technique was completely new at the time, and integrated use of live-action and computer simulated images is just retro-wonderful. It’s always interesting to see what people believed the future would be like – I feel like modern technology is finally catching up to what people had visualized decades ago. I know that in Tsukuba, Japan, facilities exist to research a similar technology to what the laser beam thing did in the film… supposedly, it is going to be used to transform objects (or tiny molecules) from point A to B…

There is a 28 year gap between the release dates of the first and the second films… making it the biggest gap in Hollywood history. Hopefully Tron: Legacy will meet, or even exceed everyone’s expectations. I’m pretty excited:

However.. I won’t think I’d like to watch in 3D because 1) it makes my eyes tired 2) my eyes are not fully 3D-compatible 3) it’s more pricey. Basically, I’m not a huge fan of the current craze over 3D films. I’m a poor student with old eyes so I think I’d rather watch in 2D.

Ps. The Daft Punk soundtrack for the new film is quite amazing.

The Crash – Daft Punk

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