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you’ve got to love London

As much as I disliked living in London, after watching this video, I kind of miss the city. I need to backpack through Europe again sometime soon.

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Cambridge, UK: 13 year-old Hibiki Kono created a gadget out of two Tesco Value vacuum cleaners for his D&T (design & technology) class project to climb up walls like Stan Lee’s Spiderman. Because the vacuum cleaners have to be plugged in whilst climbing, his mother has given him a height limit just in case they get unplugged…

via Daily Mail


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victoria’s secret to open store in London

American lingerie/womenswear/beauty products mega chain, Victoria’s Secret, is to open a 16,500-selling-square-foot store on New Bond Street in London, in 2012.

image via malls-info
via Kantar Retail News

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crop jellyfish?

Crop circle that resembles jellyfish was found in Oxfordshire, UK last May.

via The Independent

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real-life “UP”

Real-life “UP”: American adventurer, Jonathan Trappe, crosses the English Channel on a chair attached to colorful industrial helium balloons.

One question though –  how do you go to the bathroom?

via Mail Online & ClusterBalloon

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double-decker of the future

I saw this news a few days ago but I never got around to posting about it. I thought the newer double decker buses in Hong Kong with less-steep and narrow staircase was futuristic and user-friendly, but the new London double-decker design definitely tops them by a million times.
I was surprised there are designers specifically for buses. Well, doh, since there are designers for cars and motorbikes, why can’t there be designers for buses? Capoco Design is the automotive engineering design company responsible for the new look.  

I mean, I love the old-skool double decker buses… but how cool does the new design look? The new design is almost 3 meters longer with two staircases which enables easier access for the passengers… if the passengers follow directions/rules.
My only concern is that because there are three points of entry, it might just end up being a free-bus like people think on those bendy #25 buses… meaning more people have to be employed by the TfL (Transport for London) to ensure that passengers are all paying bus fares.

via BBC

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john lewis – “never knowingly undersold”

Supposedly, this TV advert has helped boost 40% of sales in John Lewis department stores throughout the UK.

Their message is pretty clear after you watch it – life’s too short, spend before you end up in a coffin six feet under. Somehow, it brought tears to the eyes of British consumers, and they found themselves in the stores… doing a lot of shopping.

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