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hong kong time lords

via Euan Preston

This time lapse video is incredibly beautiful. If there were footages of food (haha) and various means of public transportation, it would definitely represent the life in Hong Kong.


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time lapse: hong kong

Someone has captured Typhoon “Nangka” hitting Hong Kong in 2009.

via tokyoahead

I’m kind of glad I’d be missing the typhoon season!

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time lapse: tokyo

Video by Samuel Cockedey; Music by Paul Frankland (aka Woob).

via SamuelCokedey

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you’ve got to love London

As much as I disliked living in London, after watching this video, I kind of miss the city. I need to backpack through Europe again sometime soon.

Thanks vestimaniacs


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true *iron man*

…I don’t really see the point of him going over and over the same side of the jeans for a good minute.

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who you gonna call?

I would have loved to have been studying at the library at the time and… witnessed this.

This reminds me of when one of my instructors asked “who you gonna call?” for our Wholesale Selling class, and one of my classmates said “…ghostbusters?”


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