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true *iron man*

…I don’t really see the point of him going over and over the same side of the jeans for a good minute.


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a summer place

Ever wondered what that awkward elevator music was?
Now we know – it’s the theme song from the 1959 film, A Summer Place, appropriately entitled, “Theme from A Summer Place“.
Enjoy 🙂

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skater jumps from 40m

Paris, FRANCE: French inline skater Taig Khris skate-jumps from a platform located 40 meters above ground and makes a 12.5m fall, beating the previous world record of 8.53 meters set by American Danny Way.

Watch the footage:

via El Diario 24 & ABC

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who you gonna call?

I would have loved to have been studying at the library at the time and… witnessed this.

This reminds me of when one of my instructors asked “who you gonna call?” for our Wholesale Selling class, and one of my classmates said “…ghostbusters?”


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christian side hug

In case you haven’t seen the “Christian Side Hug” rap video, here it is:

I wonder if the Imperial March is Christian enough for those kids?

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